Top, pants, boots

Time taken: 3 hours.
Materials: Cotton lycra, old pair of boots, thread, red suede thong, gold paint, black waxed thread.
Tools: Sewing machine, speedy stitcher, scissors.
Techniques: Sewing.
Difficulty level: Easy.

So the only Saarebas we’ve seen pre-Inquisition have been male, and they all go shirtless.  I wasn’t keen to walk around a con like that so I had a look around and found the concept art for female qunari:

OK, not much of a top, but it covers the vital parts.  I guess I could have used a pair of leggings for pants but I’ve put so much work into this that it would’ve felt like cheating to not make some just for this.  And I had an old pair of boots that I’d been keeping for just such an occasion as this.

I removed the ankle buckles and cut them to mid calf length and stitched around the top.  I figured they were old and huckery enough to not need much else doing to them


The top is made from cotton lycra. I measured from my hip at the back, up around the front and behind my neck, then back around to the other hip.  At first I cut a straight band, but quickly realised it’d be more comfortable and look better if I made the strip around the neck and the ends narrower, so I ended up with something that looked like a very loosely-made bra:


It required a couple of darts in strategic places to make cups for my boobs, and then I sewed a hem right around the outside and a loop on each end.  While I had my sewing machine out, I made a pair of pants from a leggings pattern, with tapered legs and a lace-up fly (there’s where the suede comes in – not that anyone will see it but *I* know it’s authentic).  I sewed two large buttons on the back for the loops on the ends of the top to go through.

acc4With those attached under the belt and the whole thing looped up around my neck, the skimpy qunari top should stay in place and be reasonably comfortable.

The final touch was to paint a gold strip around the outside of the top.  This was probably not necessary but I thought it was a nice touch that would go well with the rest of the gold in the outfit, and make it look a bit worn as well.

 acc5I know peripherals aren’t very exciting, but I get a kick from knowing I made the whole outfit, and that it fits me perfectly. 😉

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