Saarebas (Dragon Age 2)

boo!I just finished this – Saarebas (Ketojan style) from Dragon Age 2.  Some would call this a genderbend because we’ve never seen a female saarebas, but I contend that they exist, they are just not found in karataam because female qunari are not soldiers.

My saarebas was born to the Ariqun and when her magic became apparent, it was decided she would train as a healer to the Tamassran.  While still controlled in the usual brutal qunari manner, she is not considered dangerous and therefore has been allowed to keep her horns*.

This is my take on what a female saarebas might look like, and I’ve made tutorials as I’ve gone along, which can be found below.

* this is the story I made up to justify having a saarebas with horns.  The real reason is I just can’t bring myself to cut them off, they’re too pretty.  😉

Battle skirt Belt and front flap Chains
Mask and horns Collar and pauldrons Weathering leather
Top, pants, boots Bracer and cuffs Magic light balls

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