Knight-Captain Cullen (Dragon Age 2)


I took on Knight-Captain Cullen as a project knowing that it’d take ages to complete. It’s so intricate and comprises several different crafts all rolled into one. Basically, I was after a challenge. It gave me one!

I’ve had a number of people tell me they’d like to make this but have been daunted by the complexity. So I’ve broken it down into a number of tutorials for how each piece was made. I hope these are helpful to someone!

Belt – totally not a codpiece! Chantry sunburst underskirt Template making
Breastplate Part 1 Breastplate Part 2 Breastplate Part 3
Pauldrons Part 1 Pauldrons Part 2 Tassets (bum armour)
Overskirt Gauntlets Boots
Shield fabrication Shield decoration Sword

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