Cullen goes swimming!

The same photographer who shot the Water Witches, Brett Stanley, has also done a session with Cullen.  My favourite shot from the set will be featured in a cosplay mag soon so I can’t share that yet but meanwhile, here is a video showing some of Brett’s cosplay work, with a whole section featuring Cullen!  Eeeeeee!


Cullen is finished!

The last rivet went in on Sunday morning.  9 months of work, finally over.  My model’s goatee is coming along nicely, and he will be putting in an appearance at Wellington Armageddon next Monday.

The proper photo session will be the following weekend, so there should be pics of Cullen up here in two weeks.  I am hoping to have all the tutorials up by then too.

And of course, I started on something new….


Cullen progress, finally!

I’ve been putting off starting Cullen’s gauntlets, because I knew they’d be a mission. And I was right – 48 separate pieces of Wonderflex OMG. But now the shaping’s done I have a lot more enthusiasm for it. Here, have a pic:

progress gauntlet med

Not attached to the glove yet, just propped up on the table to see what it’ll look like.  There’s  still some shaping to do, then painting and weathering, then adding buckles and stuff, but you get the idea.  Progress!