Enchanter’s Staff (Tier 7)

This is the Enchanter’s Staff Tier 7 (Dragonbone) from Dragon Age: Origins. It’s the one Wynne comes equipped with if you pick her up later in the game, or will cost you 4 gold 64 to buy from the dodgy merchant in Denerim. It’s nothing special as staffs go but I thought it was pretty, and dark red goes with everything, right? The dragons are named Nigel and Colin.



The only problem I’ve had with this staff is that it’s too long and a bit top heavy, so it doesn’t fit into the handy strap I made to replace the magical magnetism used in the games to hold it on my back. This one has to be carried. If I were to make it again I’d make it shorter.

Tutorial for making the Enchanter’s Staff

2 thoughts on “Enchanter’s Staff (Tier 7)

  1. If I wanted to order one of these from you with a green or Amber sphere instead of the orange how would I go about doing so and how much would it cost

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