Hooping dress

I needed a dress that was:

a) fabulous (always a consideration)

b) crush resistant

c) hooping-friendly.

I love tutus, but anyone who’s tried it will tell you that hooping in one is virtually impossible. The solution?  Detachable tutu!  So first I made a plain, straight tennis/length dress in poplin, with fluoro orange accents, that laced up the back for fit.


Then I made a tutu using alternating layers of purple and orange tulle, sewn onto a tie strap for the waist.  I was originally going to use six layers but as it turned out four was enough.  To get the tutu to sit properly on the dress, I added three press studs at the front and sides, and voila!  Hooping-friendly dress that reacts to UV light, with detachable tutu!



I like this because it’s uncrushable.  It’s travelled in a backpack around the world and come out looking fantastic every time!  It took a grand total of 6 hours to make, at a cost of ~$25.


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