Festival waistcoat

My partner is pretty good about my hobby – he tolerates my noise and mess and obsessing over chainmail and leather techniques, and is generally very supportive.  So when he came and said he’d like a festival waistcoat that was both practical and good looking, I was happy to help.

The pattern is a truncated version of a casual jacket with the sleeves removed.  The front zip/stud setup I copied off my winter coat, and the hood from another sweatshirt I had.  It’s made from synthetic suede/sheepskin laminate, and I delaminated it to remove the bulk on the seams and hems.

It has two patch pockets with side openings (oh man was there some unpicking involved in those!) and two zipping internal pockets. There are four d-rings for hooking things like tools and  cups on, and the hood is classic  festival-pointy and detachable.

The design on the back is my first attempt at applique. Naturally I picked fun fur for extra added difficulty!  The design itself is a replica of my partner’s tattoo, which is in the same place on his back but slightly smaller.


I’m very pleased with how it came out, and if I didn’t think he’d notice, I’d totally nick this and wear it myself!

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