I knew as soon as I saw Ketojan in-game that I wanted to make this costume.  I love working with leather and the way the qunari in Dragon Age 2 are designed is just perfect – who doesn’t want a pair of horns and to look hardcore?

I asked my partner to buy me a hide for Christmas, and thus followed three months of working away on my evenings and weekends.  Because the costume is mostly leather, it’s really comfortable to wear, and is possibly my favourite of all the ones I’ve made so far.

IMG_2027I will be entering this in the cosplay contest at Auckland Armageddon over Labour Weekend.  Meanwhile, here are some more pictures from the first photoshoot with it.  I haven’t done any photoshopping yet, but I have several that lend themselves to added fireballs and lightning that I won’t reveal until they’re done.  😉

Tutorials for how I made Saarebas can be found here.

Update 1 November 2014: This costume didn’t get a prize at Armageddon but we had a fantastic time, and I was rapt because my lights worked and they were caught on camera!






All Photos by Polly Lind, who is awesome.

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