Knight-Captain Cullen

I decided to make Cullen’s outfit from Dragon Age 2 because it looked like a challenge. It contains plate, leather, maille, applique sewing, and a sword and shield. I certainly got the challenge I was looking for! It took 9 months of work, plugging away at it in my free time. I had to learn how to make chainmail, how to fabricate using expanded PVC foam board, and how to make piping from acetate satin. But the result has been well worth the wait – it’s pretty close to what I envisioned, and I like that it’s almost real armour that you can move in and have it hold together and move properly.

I might have developed a bit of a crush on Knight-Captain Cullen after I started making his armour. I’d never paid him much attention in-game until I began to look closely at how he moves, what he wears, and how he puts his clothes on in the morning… Luckily my model was very patient as I tried things on him over and over again to get it right. I kept a record of the various steps in making it and posted them here as tutorials, because I’ve found other people’s tutorials so useful to my own attempts to learn.

Tutorials – How to make Cullen’s armour.

More pics of Cullen below:

[UPDATE March 2015] Because you don’t have enough silliness in your life:


ooh la la



Update March 2017: Cullen featured in a video of well-known underwater photographer Brett Stanley’s cosplay shoots:

My favourite from this shoot is going to be featured in a cosplay mag so it’s not in this video, but it’ll be released soon.  Watch this space!


Update April 2017: My two favourite shots from the Brett Stanley shoot.  Something a bit darker than usual for Cullen.

2 thoughts on “Knight-Captain Cullen

  1. Glad to see I’m nit the only one with a crush on him.
    Late comment, but this looks awesome! Thank you for braving the road ahead of me so I don’t get hit with the branches!

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