Grey Warden

This was the first cosplay I attempted to make as a literal interpretation of a videogame armour set.  I was watching my Grey Warden one day while playing Dragon Age 2 (Legacy), and I started wondering how her jacket was made.  When I realised that the studs were probably inserted by hand, I started looking more closely and wondering how I would make it.  And that was it, I was hooked.

Thus followed a month  or so of obsessive costuming.  I learned how to dye leather, how to make maille, and how to mould thermoplastic.  I learned about weathering armour. I read tutorials and looked at other cosplays.  I swore a lot.  But at the end, I have something I am very, very pleased with.  It weighs 10kg but is comfortable to wear and it’s not about to fall apart any time soon.  It’s made to fit me perfectly.  I walked 3km in it to get this picture.


I get a lot of questions about this cosplay, so I’ve made a tutorial for it, which can be found here.  I will keep updating this page with new pics and adventures.

NB the staff is called Freedom’s Call and has its own page here.

Update 4 November 2015: The Grey Warden was featured in a national magazine!  OK so it was about wardrobe choices, but still..


Update 1 November 2014: Here’s a pic of our Dragon Age group at Auckland Armageddon in the cosplay parade.  Bethany and Sparrow Hawke with Ser Cullen.  Fun!

David Watson
(photo by David Watson)

Update 9 June 2014: The Grey Warden won Open Solo at the Wellington Armageddon cosplay contest!  Now, we’re trying to get all the Grey Wardens together for Auckland’s Armageddon so we can run round and hunt monsters!


Other pics of the Regalia of Weisshaupt:

 Wendy Grey Warden 2013 138 Wendy Grey Warden 2013 136

Wendy Grey Warden 2013 210 Wendy Grey Warden 2013 409

Wendy Grey Warden 2013 449

Wendy Grey Warden 2013 191

5 thoughts on “Grey Warden

  1. Hi,
    first off. I just want to say that this is an amazing costume and I’ve been planning on building this armor or one similar but with your staff, how did you strap it on to your back?

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