I kind of fell into cosplay. I was playing Dragon Age: Awakening one day when I started paying attention to the stave my mage was carrying. It was the double dragon-headed Enchanter’s Staff Tier 7, and it’s a work of art. I immediately started to wonder what it would look like in real life. A month later, I’d made my first prop.

I made three staves and a pair of daggers, and then one day someone suggested I go to the masquerade at Au Contraire, a small con in my home town. I had 24 hours to come up with a costume. I scraped something together and they gave me a prize for Speed Costuming!

After that it was a given that I’d do more cosplay. I really enjoyed ‘being’ my favourite character, and had caught the ‘I wonder if I could make that?’ bug. I choose costumes based on their aesthetic, the combination of materials (I like variety), their likelihood to provide me with a new challenge, and whether or not I like the character. I’ve made cosplays for myself, and for my partner.

Here’s a list of the ones I’ve completed so far, which will be updated as I go. I have yet to step outside the Dragon Age fandom, but I have one in mind right now…

Grey Warden

Knight-Captain Cullen


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