I got married!

It was a lot of fun!   We did it on our farm at Tauherenikau, which doesn’t have any amenities yet. Part of the ceremony involved asking our friends and family to plant a small grove of seedling kahikateas, which will grow into something really cool to remember the day by.

But since this blog is about making stuff, here is the dress I made to get married in.  🙂  All photos by Polly Lind.

More pics and a few details of materials can be found here.


Cullen goes swimming!

The same photographer who shot the Water Witches, Brett Stanley, has also done a session with Cullen.  My favourite shot from the set will be featured in a cosplay mag soon so I can’t share that yet but meanwhile, here is a video showing some of Brett’s cosplay work, with a whole section featuring Cullen!  Eeeeeee!


Possessed by hippies!

I made a thing.  The thing about this thing is that I made it all, up to and including shearing the sheep that unwillingly donated its wool to my project.


Clearly self-sufficiency brings out the hippy in me.  Yikes.

More about this weird item of clothing can be found here.

Monsters Got Talent!

The monsters got asked to audition for America’s Got Talent!  They don’t know why, but they figure that if they need monsters from New Zealand then America must not have that much talent.

Anyway, here’s their audition video. They are expecting their prize to arrive shortly.