I don’t just make stuff for me, honest!

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the last week.  It’s for my partner who is a bit short of festival-functional clothing.  Synthetic suede/sheepskin laminate waistcoat with lots of pockets and things for hanging stuff from, and a detachable pointy hood.

blendedThe design on the back is a copy of his tattoo, which is in the same place on his back but smaller. More details here.  Making this felt more like building something than sewing it!

Oops, I slipped and made a thing

I’m supposed to be getting ready for Kiwiburn.  On my list are five (maybe six) Kiwiburn related projects in various states of completion.  So yesterday, instead of working on that stuff, I made this:


Because sometimes you just have to get that thing out of your head, right?  Right?

OK, back to painting now…

Clothes hacking!

A few months ago I bought a pixie hoodie from Hazelmade (you should check out her site, she makes amazing stuff, and it’s all upcycled).  This hoodie was lovely, but beware the perils of online shopping – turns out Hazel (who models the clothing on the site) is a lot shorter than me, and when I put it on it didn’t come down past my bum, and it made me look square and wrong and I knew I wouldn’t wear it.

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Hooping dress with detachable tutu

You have to start somewhere. Today I put up the first page of many that will eventually showcase my costumes and props and the various other stuff I make in what I hope will be a reasonably user-friendly format.  It’s about time, I have loads of them.


I want to get some stuff on the front page here, and that seems to require blog posts, so here’s a blog post.  And in this post, here is a link to the page about it. Because that means at least some of this post is actually about the dress, yes?