A thing

I am constantly amazed that anyone looks at this site at all – it’s just my little corner of Things I Make, and in a sea of creativity it’s a very tiny fish.  So thank you to everyone who visits here.  😉

I’ve got a lot of content I haven’t put up here yet, and the last few weeks I’ve been making no stuff nor generating content as I obsess my way through Inquisition.  It’s a fantastic game, but sadly for me I’ve yet to come across a costume in it that’s inspired me to replicate it.  I’ve still got a fair bit of plot to go, so there’s hope.

Your normal programming will resume in the New Year.  Thanks for your patience.

Proof of concept

That’s really all this is, and it’s a crappy selfie shot too, but I’m feeling pretty chuffed because it’s going to work.  Needs some minor adjustments before I finalise the format, but Death’s wings are going to work!

Dunno about you, but I’m still new enough at making stuff that I get a thrill when one of my ideas actually works.