Saarebas nearly finished

I mean, really nearly finished! I only have the cuffs to make before the basic costume is done. I’m planning to make a lighting effect for the stage, but it seems this costume’s going to come in with a couple of months to spare.

fin medAs usual, I’ve been making tutorials as I go, but have got a bit behind in posting them.

Here are links to the chains and the belt with front flap.

I made a thing

I have a work team building thing coming up where teams have to dress up as countries. My team is Finland, and instead of going for complicated and samey-looking traditional dress, we decided to go as Finland from SATW.

Some white shirts, blue duct tape, green hats, done!  So this afternoon I made hats for our team.


Because I could really have done with one when I started these, and because I’m like that, I made a tutorial for the hats, which can be found here.