Clothes hacking!

A few months ago I bought a pixie hoodie from Hazelmade (you should check out her site, she makes amazing stuff, and it’s all upcycled).  This hoodie was lovely, but beware the perils of online shopping – turns out Hazel (who models the clothing on the site) is a lot shorter than me, and when I put it on it didn’t come down past my bum, and it made me look square and wrong and I knew I wouldn’t wear it.

What to do? Clothes hacking! I went and bought 25cm of matching grey merino, then pulled out the instruction book for my overlocker and spent half an hour or so adjusting and testing and oiling until it was stitching almost exactly the same as the stitches on the hoodie.

Then I spent an hour unpicking the stripey band from the waistline…


And 15 minutes sewing in 2 7cm bands of the grey merino, one each side:


For my next trick, I then sewed this widened waistband back into the top – the wrong way round!  So another hour spent unpicking.  I am now very good at unpicking overlocking, and a lot better at checking I’ve got the @#$%&@* thing the right way round before sewing..

Neato!  But there was something else I wasn’t keen on about this top.  It had gathered shoulders, which made them puff out.

4Now, I have linebacker shoulders and the extra puffiness tipped them over from muscular into burly, and added to the squareness.  Squareness is not an ideal look in a pixie top, eh?  So the puffs had to go.  First I unpicked the seams over the top of the shoulder and removed the gathering elastic:

5Then I put the top on inside out and pinned the sleeves where I wanted them to go.  Another 10 minutes on the overlocker (after careful checking that it was the right way round) and voila!  Longer pixie hoodie with shoulders that don’t puff out:

6I’m much happier with this now and I’ll probably wear it a lot.  And if I hadn’t been such a knob with sewing things the wrong way round, it would have taken less than a morning to do.  As it was, I’d call it half an hour sewing and one hour unpicking, and the price of four small spools of thread.  Well worth it to turn something unwearable into a favourite..

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