First Saarebas tutorial – Battle skirt

I’ve been working on Saarebas for a while, but it’s one of those costumes with lots of contingencies, so was a while before I’ve been able to have anything finished enough to make tutorials. Now I think they’ll all come in a rush.

Here’s a link to the first one – the leather chevron-patterned battle skirt.


I also have the horns/wig/mask completed, and the pauldrons/collar nearly done.  The belt just needs its fastener and the codpiece thing that hangs down the front.  After that I’ll be making the chains, followed by gauntlets/cuffs, boots, pants, and finally if there’s time, a lighting effect cos MAGIC!  😉

Clothes hacking!

A few months ago I bought a pixie hoodie from Hazelmade (you should check out her site, she makes amazing stuff, and it’s all upcycled).  This hoodie was lovely, but beware the perils of online shopping – turns out Hazel (who models the clothing on the site) is a lot shorter than me, and when I put it on it didn’t come down past my bum, and it made me look square and wrong and I knew I wouldn’t wear it.

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