New tutorial – Cullen’s tassets

I’m finally getting to putting up the Cullen tutorials. This is the first one, which just happens to be his bum armour.


The tutorial can be found here.

Eventually, all of the Cullen tutorials will be up here, and a comprehensive master list of tutorials for all sorts of stuff I made can be found here, or linked from the ‘about’ page.

Please bear with me, I have a metric fuckton of content and not a lot of spare time for putting it up. Slowly slowly…

Character kits – I’m ambivalent

So yesterday, Bioware announced that ahead of the expected release of Inquisition in spring, they are going to be releasing a series of Character kits. These kits provide views of the game’s main characters in costume, from a variety of angles, with insets for close detail.

And the cosplay and fanart worlds rejoiced!

Pic by Bioware

I don’t know why I’m not all that enthusiastic about the idea.

Well, actually that’s not true. I have a couple of inklings… Continue reading

Hooping dress with detachable tutu

You have to start somewhere. Today I put up the first page of many that will eventually showcase my costumes and props and the various other stuff I make in what I hope will be a reasonably user-friendly format.  It’s about time, I have loads of them.


I want to get some stuff on the front page here, and that seems to require blog posts, so here’s a blog post.  And in this post, here is a link to the page about it. Because that means at least some of this post is actually about the dress, yes?